Loooooong BREAK

19 Mar


So I’ve kinda been for a loooong break and havent really finished “building up” the site . I’m kinda takin my time so when I open it 100 %, everything is done :) But yeah I’m kinda back but I dont know when I’ll be able to finish off everything on the site and open it “officially”. I just wanted to post something new and show that I havent given up on the site :P lol

Anyways… Nothing much to say right now… I’ll be posting about what is going on in my life and everyday random stuff when I get time and am back on track :P Untill then I’m only gonna write about the site updates and stuff like that ;)


New Premades: Taylor Swift & Cheryl Cole

25 Nov


New Premade: Rihanna / New Header: Rihanna

21 Nov

Almost finished…

20 Nov

DONE! I’m finished with uploading all the graphics I’ve got yet! :D The only thing I need to do is the “Me” page which I wanna WAIT with for a while :) Gonna focus on the graphic part first :P

I wanna experiment and see if I can make some new graphic pieces. I’ve been searching for “graphic challenges” on the internet, but I cant find any challenge sites O_o there used to be a lot of those actually, but I’m gonna try to find a few later today and see if I can enter some challenges too.

I’ve been thinking a little about how to build up the site with the premades and my random graphic… I dont feel like it’s a good idea with the “random graphic” page but i dont know… It’s like the site isn’t that “neat” in some ways so I’ll think of how to do it in another way. I dont wanna mix premade layouts with the other graphics i have, that i know for sure though :)

Have a look on some of the latest updates :P here you go:


20 Nov

I’m not finished with anything on the site yet, BUT I have uploaded my old icons and premade layouts :D and then I just started doing my portfolio. I’m still not finished with it though :P

Anyways… I wont be uploading more “old” stuff than this. Maybe a few blends or something I guess but other than that I’m gonna start experimenting and doing some new graphics! :D

But I think I’m gonna continue the updates tomorrow or maybe a little more now. It’s almost 2AM over here. It’s not like I’m tired actually but I still do have to get my sleep ^_^*

I’ll see to it ;P
See ya!

Hello…! :)

19 Nov


So I JUST started this new website… I’ve been wanted to do this for a long time so I finally took myself together :D There isn’t that much on the page yet but it will come :P I’ll probably uploade a lot today and the next few days, before uploading new stuff I wanna uploade stuff I’ve made before which I never got to uploade on my previous websites :) And yeah… this is not my first website, I’ve been doing this before for a few years ago, and now I’m back again :) I’m very excited to do this site, and I will make sure to update ;D
This site will be about graphics and otherweise random blogs too, I’ll do whatever I feel like doing with the site :P But mainly I’ll be uploading graphics like layouts and icons, and then you guys can use them if you want too :)

But yeah… I’m gonna stop writing for now and do something on the site so it wont be this empty X_X

Bye! :)

(Btw… the layout is very RANDOM and very quick made X_X I’ll be changing it soon)